• The surface enamel of a tooth is damaged.
  • A tooth's surface needs to be so that you can easily bite or chew.

When do you need a Filling?

Tooth sesitivity is an early sign of enamel Loss. There could be plenty reasons for tooth sensativity but make sure to get it checked out by a dentist. If a damaged tooth surface is not treated early it will only get worse.n

What happends during procedure?

After the examination of your teeth, gums and supporting bone structure, your Dentist will to to you about treatment with you . If you descide on dental filling, your Dentist will:

  • Apply anesthetic to the directed area of your mouth
  • Use a hand-held equipment to get your tooth ready by removing damaged tooth surface
  • Clean the prepared tooth to remove bacteria
  • Seperate the tooth using a  protective sheet called to keep it clean and saliva free
  • Choose the dental filling tools based on the tooth placement
  • Apply filling material to the destined area and shape it to match the look and feel of a normal tooth
  • Use a special hand-held light to the filling material to harden the surface of your tooth    

When do you Need to be Prescribed?